Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A long time.

            Long time since I posted anything, long time since I have seen something worth of posting. Here it goes the last things happened in those times between the last blog and this. An annual food festival which had Mangalorean, Gujarathi and Madurai food, Its worth mentioning the efforts of students, for those who observed the culinary its a lifetime treat, and for others, its a memory with a fading effect. The elite crown didn't bothered the finishing food nor the authentic taste. The dishes summed to one hundred, with a real visual treat. It would be an injustice if I fail to mention the cuisine of Mangalore. Let it be the DAL TOVI or the Mangalorean style fried fish. The taste just lingers in you for a long time. The dishes proved that name doesn't matter compared to the taste of the dish.

            I do not know how many gastronomes witnessed the need of change in their palate. There is a change in all our activities but then the taste to our tongue is almost the same. We never try to change the taste nor experiment with new taste foods. The foods of Mangalore gave a chance to change in the palate. The errors and failures in the other cuisine (Madurai) were compensated by this Mangalorean cuisine. More on the Mangalorean food in the coming post.

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